Breaking: Synapsyl contains compounds shown to noticeably enhance memory and learning ability in laboratory studies. Take as directed to enhance focus and unlock cognitive potential.

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Introducing Nootropics

Sometimes called “smart supplements,” nootropics have been used throughout history to enhance certain mental functions that naturally decline as we get older:

Your brain needs to be nurtured, too! An adequate supply of neuroprotectants to guard your gray matter and keep your neurotransmitters firing correctly is essential for robust cognition. Synapsyl is rich in compounds which have been shown time and again to act as the building blocks for healthy neurotransmitters.

Learning Speed

As you age, new skills and information aren’t taken in and stored by your brain as easily.

Mental Effort

The ability to focus and pay close, unbroken attention to the task at hand starts to wane.

Memory Recall

Both long- and short-term memory starts to slip, as details become hazy and we require more effort to recall specific information.

Anxiety Management

Neurological health and mood regulation can fall out of balance, affecting overall mental wellness.

that expertly combines the best of several well-known ingredients that have been shown in clinical trials to offer a cognitive boost. Every aspect of Synapsyl's blend was carefully chosen for its track record of a safe and effective ability to improve mental function in normally functioning people.

There's no secrets here, just science. Phosphatidylserine,one of the main ingredients in Synapsyl, was featured in Pharmacological Research magazine for its uncanny ability to help people score higher onmemory and intelligence tests. TotalHealth Magazonealso found it to improvegeneral cognitive performance.

Synapsyl is also rich in Omega-3, which has been shown in peer-reviewed studies3 to help ward off anxiety and boost positive thought patterns. The Omega-3 complex has shown incredibly promising neuroprotective qualities as well, which is perhaps why more people are choosing to add it to their daily intake than ever before

  • Boosts the ability to focus on tasks or information.
  • Speed up information processing and the ability to learn.
  • Protect the brain’s ability to function correctly and consistently.
  • Combat the decline of memory recall that occurs with aging.
  • Neutralize the negative effects caused by oxidative stress.
  • Increase healthy blood flow and oxygen utilization in the brain.

Only The Best Ingredients

The Synapsyl advantage is the result of a research-driven quest for the best cognition-enhancing compounds. From ingredients that have been used for millennia, to antioxidants that are the subject of exciting new breakthrough studies to provide the most desirable mental effects.

Focus Longer, Concentrate Harder

Acetylcholine has long been known as the "learning" neurotransmitter that allows us to retain new information. However, an exciting recent study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown4. that supplementing with phosphatidylcholine (found in Synapsyl) can boost the brain's overall ability to metabolize acetylcholine.

Synapsyl contains Bacopin®, one of the most well-studied and effective "smart supplements" in existence.

The herb Bacopa Monnieri has been known and used by humans for its enhancing effect on cognition for hundreds of years. Not only does Bacopa act as a powerfully protective anti-oxidant, but it also appears to increase cerebral blood flow and regulate serotonin release. Bacopin's ability to provide these three distinct benefits has caused both researchers and consumers to excitedly flock to this herb in recent years.

The Center for Human Psychopharmacology completed six landmark, peer-reviewed studies of Bacopa in 2012, conclusively finding that it improves memory free recall, and suggesting that it enhances other cognitive abilities as well

  • Expertly crafted using a blend of the most promising "smart supplements"
  • Contains phosphatidylcholine and Omega-3, compounds essential for cerebral health